dashboard: noun /ˈdΓ¦Κƒ.bɔːrd/ an interface with a current summary and controls, in graphic form.
-dom: wisdom, freedom, random... hopefully not boredom!

  • πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘Ά US Baby Names Data & Trends
  • Annual births by name in the US 1910 - 2016
    Data: Social Security Agency
    Tags: population, statistics, data-viz, names, USA,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/baby_names

  • Gold Reserves per Country & Quarter - IMF Data
  • Analyze changes in official gold reserves - IMF Data
    Data: International Monetary Fund
    Tags: gold, economics, IMF, central banks,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/gold-reserves

  • πŸ€– robots.txt Tester for Large Scale Testing
  • For a given robots.txt file check which URLs can be fetched for all user-agents in the file
    Data: advertools robotstxt module
    Tags: google, SEO, robots.txt, search engine optimization,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/robotstxt_app

  • Global Terrorism Database
  • World terrorist attacks during 1970 - 2016
    Data: START Consortium
    Tags: terrorism, world,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/terrorism

  • Median Age 2017 - CIA Factbook
  • Median age and age distribution by country in 2017
    Data: CIA World Factbook
    Tags: population, age, world, cia-factbook,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/median_age_dashboard

  • Population Growth 2017 - CIA Factbook
  • Population growth per country in 2017
    Data: CIA World Factbook
    Tags: population, world, cia-factbook,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/population_growth

  • Trending on Twitter Now, Anywhere - Twitter Dashboard
  • Trending hashtags and topics on Twitter - all locations
    Data: Twitter API
    Tags: twitter, social media,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/trending-twitter

  • πŸ”Ž Search Engine Results Pages - Google SERP Dashboard
  • Get SERPs for multiple keywords and parameters, in one DataFrame
    Data: Google Custom Search Engine
    Tags: google, SEO, search engine optimization, keywords,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/google-serp

  • Life Expectancy 2017 - CIA Factbook
  • Life expectancy per country in 2017
    Data: CIA World Factbook
    Tags: population, age, world, cia-factbook,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/life_expectancy

  • Migration and Population Density - WorldBank Data
  • Visualize changes in population density and migration
    Data: WorldBank
    Tags: population, migration, world,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/migration-population

  • Dashboardom
  • This website!
    Tags: tools, website,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/dashboardom

  • Generate SEM Keywords for AdWords Campaigns
  • Generate keywords for your campaigns on a massive scale
    Data: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/advertools
    Tags: advertising, PPC, marketing, adwords, bingads, SEM, keywords,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/advertools_app

  • World Massacres
  • Wikipedia's list of events named massacres
    Data: Wikipedia
    Tags: terrorism, massacres, wikipedia, world,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/wikipedia_list_of_massacres

  • πŸŽ₯ BoxofficeMojo Dashboard Alltime Data
  • BoxofficeMojo domestic box-office data all-time
    Data: BoxofficeMojo
    Tags: movies, hollywood, box-office,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/boxofficemojo

  • Twitter Dashboard - Text Analysis & Mining - Twitter API
  • Search Twitter & generate a filterable downloadable dataset of tweets
    Data: Twitter API
    Tags: twitter, social media, text mining,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/twitterdash

  • Healthcare Spending 2014 - CIA Factbook
  • Healthcare spending by country in 2014
    Data: CIA World Factbook
    Tags: healthcare, world, cia-factbook,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/health_spending

  • Mothers Day Celebrations
  • Mothers day celebrations in the world
    Data: Wikipedia
    Tags: world, mothers, wikipedia,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/mothers_day

  • Migration Stats 2017 - CIA Factbook
  • Net migration by country in 2017
    Data: CIA World Factbook
    Tags: migration, world, cia-factbook,
    Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/migration_dashboard

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    A collection of dashboards and apps, made by Elias Dabbas.
    For data exploration, learning, fun, prototyping, and sharing.
    Mostly made with Plotly's Dash (Python).